Sector Forum Security – Traduciremos al Español

Chaired by Anthony Hebblethwaite from DSOC, he brings security awareness, innovation, and supplier collaboration to this Sector Forum to support members with the challenges of industry security. Held 2-3 times a year, these complimentary to attend meetings are designed for SSA UK members only.  Currently, all meetings will be held online via Zoom. More information on […]

Congreso AESS 2023

15º CONFERENCIA Y FERIA DE PROVEEDORES DE LA AESS Hotel Melia Sitges (Barcelona) 15 y 16 de marzo 2023   Estamos felices de presentar el 15º congreso y Feria de Proveedores de la AESS que se celebrará el próximo 15 y 16 de marzo en Sitges ( Barcelona) y que celebramos en estrecha colaboración con […]

Hot Topic Webinar – Cyber Security


Businesses have significant reliance on data and keep a large number of pieces of information on customers. Having a better understanding of cyber risk together with the knowledge of how to increase your protection levels is crucial. This complimentary webinar, delivered by cyber risk consultant Georgia Dicker from Gallagher Insurance, will help you to better […]


Foro de Mujeres


Presidido por Sarah Manning de Secure Stores Nationwide, el grupo ha sido organizado por algunas de las mujeres más destacadas de la industria para atraer, alentar y motivas a más mujeres a unirse y permanecer en nuestro srctor para capacitarlas, asesorarlas, hacerlas crecer y desarrollarlas en grandes líderes y emprendedores. En esta reunión hablaremos de […]

Managing Online Reviews

​Online reviews are a crucial part of your marketing strategy. They give potential customers comfort in storing their belongings with you and also improve your Google ranking. Every self storage business should have an active strategy to promote and manage reviews. But what happens when you get a negative review? How do you respond? How […]

Sector Forum Technology & Innovation

Chaired by Emlyn Evans from Squab, these meetings are designed to evaluate and discuss any new and emerging technologies and will provide a working group for our suppliers to discuss and test new technology too. We will also look outside the industry to technology that could impact self storage and of course, there will be […]

Self Storage UK Conference 2023

The UK Self Storage Industry consists of over 2,100 stores across the country and continues to grow. The industry turnover is more than £940 million per year. SSA UK members represent around 75% of the self storage space in the country from the largest publicly listed companies to small container storage sites in rural areas.


Este 19 de septiembre iniciamos el curso con un webinario que nos parece muy interesante para los socios por el momento en que el sector se encuentra en España.Alberto Borregón, vicepresidente y expresidente de AESS.Hablaremos de los siguientes puntos:  ¿ Qué es la competencia desleal? ¿ Qué acciones ha tenido que hacer un centro para […]

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