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    Why a good cause can also be good for your company:

    Today more and more companies are looking for ways to give something back to the community. There are a lot of reasons why companies are taking a more active role in the community. First of all there is this feeling that we all have a social responsibility to help others. Another reason is the need to motivate others to give back and to promote volunteerism among your employees. Whether small or big, businesses can show their support and willingness to help by encouraging their employees to help others. 

    As a company you can also be very active in sponsoring charity events and humanitarian sports tournaments, where you get a chance to communicate about your organisation and fight for a good cause. Collaboration with a charity is a win-win situation that can be fulfilled in different ways. It is not only a way to integrate with society but it also works to inspire employees, creating a mutual solidarity. For some companies, improving their image is an important goal when they support a charity action. Supporting these kind of charity actions can bring a great dynamic in the office between the employees. In the end it is just a great way for you to get your business higher awareness in the local community.

    There are a lot of ways in which your company can contribute to the well-being of the community. How you do it is not important as long as you give something back. Giving back can ignite change and impact positive results. 


    The benefits of commercial solar in the self storage industry:

    As a self-storage operator you are always trying to find different ways to save money. More and more companies are considering investing in solar power. What are the benefits for self-storage operators to go for solar panels?

    Solar energy can be an effective way for companies to save costs for their facilities. Unfortunately often complicated systems of government rebates and tariffs discourage people from investing in solar.

    Introducing solar power will reduce your energy bill and you will see immediate savings. One of the biggest benefits for an operator is seeing the energy bill reduced. The average investment in solar energy is paid back within 5 years although depending on your circumstances the payback can be quicker. The costs for the purchase of solar panels are becoming cheaper and the technology is improving in terms of efficiency and durability.  Once the payback period is over you are only paying a small fraction of your power costs.  Electricity prices continue to rise and there is this will continue, so the savings you make will become even more significant over time.

    An added benefit is the ability to easily promote a green image to your customers.  More and more people want to be able to support businesses that have a focus on helping the environment. If other facilities close to yours have no solar panels you can use this as a point of difference in your advertising material

    Self storage usually lends itself very well to solar panel installations due to their large, open roofs. Most suppliers of solar panels can complete an  installation in one to two days. In order to obtain the maximum benefit from a solar panel, each array has to be carefully arranged. Trees or buildings can cast a shadow over the panels and reduce their effectiveness.

    Self storage companies are not heavy power users, this means that excess energy can be stored for later use or potentially pushed back into the communal grid to be use by other people. Your energy supplier will pay you for the excess power you are pitting back into the system.  In some countries and situations you can even end up getting paid a surplus in excess of your power bill for this energy.  So instead of getting a power bill each  month or quarter, you get paid money from the power supplier instead!
    If your facility has not made the switch, then it is time to call in an expert and ask if solar panels are a good fit for your self storage business.  Its a capital investment that could save you lots of money in the long term.


    Shurgard listed on the Stock Exchange:

    On 15 October 2018 Shurgard, Europe’s largest self storage company, was listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange in Belgium.  The IPO was made through a private placement with institutional investors. The initial share release was at a value of €23 per share resulting in a market cap of over €2 bn with 28% of the shares being released. This is a significant moment for the industry, the largest self storage IPO in Europe and the first in Euros or on the Euronext exchange.


    European Industry Report Released:

    FEDESSA has released its 7thAnnual Industry Survey Report.  This is the fourth year that this report has been produced in conjunction with JLL.

    The report provides a valuable insight into the industry across Europe. It is aimed at helping investors, funders and operators in this growing and dynamic market.
    Following is just a small sample of some the data contained in the report:

    • In 2018, there are 3,792 self storage facilities in Europe totalling 9,707,500 square metres of space.
    • The average rent in Europe is €262 per square metre per annum
    • The average occupancy is 78%
    • 40% of the total facilities in Europe are in the UK, with over 82% of the facilities in the six most mature countries.
    • The average amount of storage per capita is 0.020 square metres, with only seven countries out of 23 in Europe having in excess of this.
    • The European market remains highly fragmented, with the ten largest brands across Europe representing just 23% of the total number of facilities and 39% of the total space.
    • The European market remains highly fragmented, with the ten largest brands across Europe representing just 23% of the total number of facilities and 39% of the total space.


    New President for FEDESSA:

    FEDESSA has a new President, Mr John Trotman from Big Yellow in the UK. John is a Chartered Accountant having trained with Deloitte LLP, where he specialised in the real estate sector and self storage. John joined Big Yellow as Chief Financial Officer in June 2007. He has been a member of the SSA UK board for over 4 years and was a previous Chairman. We also welcome Vincent Mesdom from Shurgard onto the FEDESSA board, representing the Belgian industry.


    2019 FEDESSA Conference 1-2 October London:

    The 2019 FEDESSA European Conference and Trade Show is coming to London. 1 & 2 October at the QEII exhibition centre in the heart of London just opposite Westminster.

    Programme details and registrations will be released soon. However if you want to book your accommodation early you can do so using the following links.
    Our preferred accommodation is at Park Plaza Westminster, just over the river from the QEII. Rooms start at £189 ex VAT.


    Upcoming events:

    • Winter Workshop: 4-7 February
    • Sweden Conference - Stockholm - 11 April
    • Italian Conference - Venice - 11 May