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  • FEDESSA eNews July 2015

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    • Another Self Storage Fire in Europe
    On Thursday July 23, a fire occurred in a self storage site in Tønsberg, Norway. The fire has destroyed the majority of the building which appears to have been used for a combination of self storage, office space and bulk storage.  The business was not a member of the Norwegian Self Storage Association.


    • Annual Survey in Progress
    A survey of the European Self Storage Industry has been sent to all European self storage businesses.  The results of this survey are used in conjunction with JLL to produce an annual report on the European Self Storage Industry. This report is a useful tool for both operators and investors in the industry as it shows the development of the industry over time and provides some useful data to benchmark existing businesses against.


    • Sweden Self Storage Conference – September 3
    The Swedish Self Storage Association are holding their annual conference in Stockholm on September 3 in conjunction with major sponsor Janus International.  A full day of sessions covering topics such as, online target marketing, social media for self storage, insurance, VAT, Pest Control and the state of the self storage and property market in Europe.  Followed by a networking dinner and drinks.


    • Ski Workshop 2016. Registrations now open
    The Basil Fry Ski Workshop is on again, March 1-4, 2016. Two days of business speakers and networking in the French Alps with some fantastic skiing during the day.


    The venue is the Mercure in Chamonix and this year’s ticket includes private transfers to the ski lifts at the completion of each morning’s session, so even more time for skiing. This year’s event was a huge success with many of the delegates already confirmed to come back next year


    • UK Insurance Premium Tax increases to 9.5 %
    In the new UK budget the chancellor has increased the Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) to 9.5%. This is over a 50% increase from the current rate of 6% effective for all premiums paid after October 31.As self storage insurance is usually charged to customers on a monthly basis, this means that the new tax rate will apply to insurance charged to UK self storage customers on or after November 1, this year.


    Operators should be considering how they will be dealing with this price increase which will apply to both new and existing customers that are using your insurance.  You should also be discussing the issue with your insurance provider to ensure that you report your IPT obligations correctly during this transition phase.


    • EU Legislation Update
    EESC looks into Late Payment Directive implementation
    UEAPME (The European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) has made its concerns heard about the shortcomings on the implementation of the Late Payment Directive during a meeting of the EESC (The European Economic and Social Committee [EESC] is a consultative body of the European Union). Considering that the shortcomings of the directive have already been made clear, UEAPME urged the European Commission to come up with a proposal amending the directive.


    A survey by UEAPME demonstrated that stricter rules are necessary for public authorities with an absolute maximum period of 60 days to avoid abuse of the verification period. In Business to Business (B2B) relations, a 30-day period should also be ensured. Furthermore, the organisation stated that the most compelling points to be dealt with in this context are compulsory interest and compensatory measures, e.g. the right to postpone/defer VAT and tax payments.


    • Have Your Say!
    Opening the doors: new public consultation tools introduced by the European Commission
    On 19 May the European Commission announced a number of new public consultation tools as part of its Better Regulation agenda. On 1st July, the Commission implemented the first of these measures, introducing new opportunities for stakeholder comments on Commission policy documents and proposals.


    Firstly, the initial ‘Roadmap’ or ‘Inception Impact Assessment’ of any new legislation will be open for comments. This provides an opportunity for citizens and stakeholders to give input very early on in the policy development cycle, before impact assessment and the related 12-weeks public consultation are launched, allowing their views to inform the process from the very beginning.


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